It’s all about finishing touches

A new or remodeled home is treat for its inhabitants, but it’s all about the finishing touches. If the trim, baseboards, and lighting are not present and perfect, the new space is cheapened. Walls that meet floors with no decorative finish appear unfinished. Apathetic lighting screams inattention to detail.

I’m Don Christensen, a woodworker who specializes in lighting, trim, and baseboards, and I don’t want your new or remodeled home to end up lackluster or less than you had hoped. That’s why I have become Cedar City’s expert in finishing services, and it gives me great satisfaction to ensure satisfied results.


Whether it is ornate and antique or sleek and modern, I know how to find and install the proper lighting for your situation. I have a history of lamp and fixture restoration along with a modern education on new, energy-saving light solutions that are up-to-date and stylish. I also have extensive outdoor lighting solutions, such as security lighting.

Trim and Baseboards

My grandmother’s house had the most beautiful baseboards. They were so large, I remember playing with my toy cars on them. I also remember my grandmother on her hands and knees dusting those baseboards regularly.

Today’s baseboards need not be bulky or take up wall space. I specialize in low-profile baseboards and trim, so they do not become a cleaning issue but also so they don’t interfere with furniture placement. Of course, woodworking is my passion, so I also specialize in custom baseboards and trim pieces for that one-of-a-kind look.

Set up an appointment today

Don’t let your home sit unfinished, waiting for trim, baseboards, and lighting to give it the finished look. Your project is almost complete, and you’ll be able to sit and enjoy your project instead of look for something better if the finishing touches are applied properly.

As a woodworker, I have the skill and expertise necessary to do exceptional finish work. I also enjoy custom work because it allows me to have a chance to show a more artistic side of the business. It’s all artwork though. The finishing touches on any home must be considered functionally but also artistically if they are to be wholly enjoyed.

Don’t forget the finishing touches. Contact me at this link, and I will make sure your home has what it needs to be called complete. Make sure you ask about our lighting solutions and led replacement solutions. We are pro energy conservation!