DIY Trim & Lighting Resources

Pinterest- This popular website is seeming with home improvement ideas, with an abundance of posts on the topic.

Simply Organized- A favorite DIY lighting project of ours, this blog will also provide you with great tips on bringing the beauty out of your home.

Build- Here one can find all of the specific products and tools for their very own trim and lighting project. They also have their very own DIY section.

Lightology- Covering everything in the world of lights, here you can find any light you can imagine to bring out the best in your home experience.

DIY Network- It’s all in the name for this wonderful site, giving go-getters countless projects to improve their living spaces.

Energy Star- The government’s organization for energy efficiency, this site will help you determine the effect on your home from a trim and lighting project.

Decor Adventures- One of our favorite blogs, Decor Adventures is a great place to find easy home projects. Here they have a fantastic post about DIY lighting.

The Family Handyman– This practical magazine has information on every home project you could think of, including lighting. We can’t recommend this publication enough!

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If you think we are missing a valuable resource, whether it be your own site or one you know of- feel free to reach out! We love providing resources for our customers!