Home Upgrade– Copper Lantern Fixtures

When upgrading the home, you’re bound to go through dozens of different styles, designs and ideas before finding what it is you’re looking for. Renovations are stressful and are often met with dread. It’s not an easy task to reface both the interior and exterior of the house and it’s definitely overwhelming, even for practiced folks. Reading articles, like this one, can alleviate some of your fears and help steer you toward the final decision on what products might be perfect for you. Lighting is a big portion of the process as certain bulbs can set certain moods in the home but can also provide money saving opportunities. Encasing the light is a different story as different styles set the theme. Regardless of whether you’re going for a modern look or wanting to stay in the realm of cozy, copper lantern fixtures are definitely ones to check out. The reason for this is due to the materials strength and versatility.

Modern Fixtures

It seems the pattern for today’s modern decorating comes in the form of oil rubbed bronze and nickel accents. I believe the reason for this is because these colors look clean and add brightness and or contrast to the home. They also go very well with many other colors. Copper might not come to mind when considering a modern theme but you’d be surprised at what’s out there. While copper is usually reddish in appearance, certain makes can be made to look like silver and can be crafted without any steel parts.

Old Fashioned Fixtures

You might have more luck if you go this route. There are generally a lot more options to choose from, as often, the designs are less sleek in appearance. Darker copper can add a rich warmth to the environment and would surely impress friends and family. Handcrafted copper lanterns are a work of art and many of which mimic the era that birthed them.

Regardless of the style that appeals to you most, these fixtures can be used both indoor and outdoor. Unlike other metals. The reason for this is due to coppers incredible durability. It also doesn’t rust and can handle moisture without corroding, making it great for lighting up the backyard at night and working in the garden in the evening. Items made with this metal rarely need replacing and when renovating or upgrading the home, getting your money’s worth makes all the difference.